Dear Queen of the Universe

IMG_1475.PNGSave me from the jungle! I’m thousands of miles away from my parents, my family and their guns…save me!!! The spiders, poisonous dart frogs, sick as mosquitos, dinosaurs, delicious undrinkable water, wasps, toucans, wild cats, stray dogs, big ass rodents, snakes and whatever else I hear humming in the night. Let them have their home and take me back to the pollution and poison infested lifestyle I’m used to. Who wants to be sung to sleep every night by insects and blog on a hammock watching Toucans play…Not ME! I’d much rather be watching Love and Hip Hop, ATL Housewives reunion, and EMPIRE this week…not the Creator’s amazing sunrises and sunsets. When I’m meditating, I prefer to be disturbed by Yo Gotti not Howling Monkeys. I would like to go back to my job and work 8-10 hours and have to sleep 7 more hours just to wake up and go to work again. Take me back to the routine, back to the entities, establishments and powers that be so they can suck the life out of me..I can’t live without the drama, the stress, the fears, the angers, the gossip!Hunty, I LIIIIVVVVVEEEEE FOR SOME TEA! My cellphone providers constantly shooting free radicals into my path is a normal way of life…every respectable women needs to be maintained by her poisonous beauty products. Yea, take me back now mighty Queen of the Universe

-Signed SAIDnoPERSONever


I wrote my very 1st blog post on a hammock at the Samasati Yoga Retreat in Puerto Viejo, Limon in Costa Rica this experience was one that words really couldn’t express because it just simply had to be felt. I was totally stripped of all the things and people I thought I needed to survive and it opened my eyes to the life I wanted to live…so now I dedicate every breath I take to making sure I can live that life every day or as soon as possible…I have a new reason to live! I want to have dope ass experiences with dope ass people every day of my life.


I welcome you to my blog where you will first handily experience my arrival…everyday, I am a step closer to my throne…



4 thoughts on “Dear Queen of the Universe

  1. Your very first blog post…. Awesome! Very engaging, I’m so proud of you. Keep doing everything that makes you happy and I’ll be adding this to my weekly rotation of blogs 🙂 … Love you

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