Dont be suprised if she ask where the cash at…

C.R.E.A.M., unfortunately! I would love to live in a tree house in the middle of a fruit and vegetable garden next to the beach, wouldn’t we all? It took me years of celibacy and a dating (distraction) hiatus to realize how much my relationship with money meant to me. I know it sounds bad but IDGAD, its true! My love affair with money probably started when I was in 1st grade… teeth falling out, cash! good grades, cash! birthday, cash! Christmas, cash! help Dad with the chores, cash! checking Mom’s work pant, bihhhh she got 4 quarters, it spends like what??? CASH! I learned very early on you will get paid for doing a great job and going above and beyond so I developed an impeccable work ethic which got me thru secondary, post secondary, and is currently getting me through my first graduate degree. Along the way I found my self being less motivated by money and started appreciating my time, experiences and value of certain things a lot more. Some things I used to pay for I learned to do myself and other things I rather pay someone else to do because I wanted my time to myself. So as my paradigm shifted, I started to realized my love of money was really a love of currency ,transactions, and value and I started applying this concept or ideas to other aspects of my life.

 I think of EVERYTHING in currency or like a financial transaction work, phone calls, friendships etc. for example when my friend had a love triangle going down and needed EXPERT advice (toots my own horn) I asked him which of the two girls would he pay for… he responded by laughing of course. So I asked him again, but differently this time… If you had to put up some money for either one of them which one would it be? He looked up in the air and said shiiiiidddd, IDK! lol Ok dude u need to write down a list of everything you like about these women and everything you don’t and place a numerical value next to each item, negative things are subtracted and obviously positive things are added.  DONT CALL ME ABOUT THIS UNTIL ITS DONE!! A week later he called me with his decision and it was clear, very clear to him which girl he needed to be with and they have since been ring shopping and meeting parents (toots my own horn again)! The point of that story was not that he was tricking on these girls or the fact that he is a reformed man-hoe, the point is he understood currency, value and the risk associated with transactions.

In intimate relationships (official or unofficial) especially my most recent one, he has the build of an EBONY GOD($100), successful($100), no kids ($25), Handsome ($25), Mentally/Emotionally stable ($100), Inconsistent (-$100) not engaging on the phone ($-100). Ok so right now he holds a tag of about $150, would I pay that for him, sure! But the bail money it would cost me when he cheats with one of his IG groupies would supersede the $150 so I don’t choose him to have and to hold….simple right?!    Every person, place, thing, decision, conversation, argument, relationship etc. holds value and we must know what things we will and wont pay for… what is not worth your money/time/sanity. Someone might argue that time and sanity are free…BS! There’s a lot of dead people and plastic surgery addicts that will tell you wasting you time and sanity on things you wouldn’t normally pay for costs a lot, might not cost you immediately but it was cost you in the long run…

 Most of us have a great understanding of money, my family couldn’t help me with long division but they could tell me how much I made per hour when I told them my yearly salary…the nerve! So next time you have to make a decision ask yourself…if this had a price tag would I pay for it? If you don’t then you shouldn’t be wasting your time… I’ve never had a situation come up where this thought process didn’t work…so try it out and let me know!

The most important thing to understand about the value of the currency is you have to decide it yourself, worth is relative like most things in life…its totally up to you how much something is worth and only you know how much you can afford to pay!

AND if it doesn’t work then let me know and I will help you out with my EXPERT advice… lol!




2 thoughts on “Dont be suprised if she ask where the cash at…

  1. Initially reading the title, I went straight ratchet reciting Lil Wayne. I continued reading, stopped and grabbed my pocketbook. I’ve been BMFing like my names Rick Ross…. Something isn’t adding up. Every “dolla” I give to someone else, I’ve learned to give myself 2! Great read! I’ll be looking forward to tomorrow’s entry 👀

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    1. Lmaoooo I was rapping the entire song in my head while I was writing this post… I actually had to stop and refocus cause I was about to get ratch too! 😂 thanks love!!!


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