I love my Vagina and so will you! pt.2

Part 1 of this series discussed my love affair with yoni steams and yoni eggs. I shared its benefits and how these routines how personally benefited me. This time around I want to share with you all my experiences with my diva cup. The diva cup is a vaginal cup designed to catch things…things that may happen to come out of the vagina. It’s designed to suction into the vagina  prevent leaks but providing wall to wall coverage…literally.I tried the diva cup for the first time last month for the entire duration of my cycle and I loved it. When its inserted properly its undetectable, comfortable, and can be worn for hours at a time without being emptied.

Prior to trying the diva cup I used organic feminine hygiene products from liners to tampons and they were fine but due to the absence of chemicals and God knows what else, I found myself very insecure and unnecessarily making frequent trips to the restroom. About 9 months ago I saw a post on Instagram about a series of tests done on name brand, popular, feminine hygiene products. The study reported 85% of tampons tested positive for traces of glyphosate. Glyphosate is a toxic carcinogenic weed killer…what’s it doing in my tampons? Apparently, cotton farmers are using it to make harvesting the cotton a lot easier. They are spraying it all over the crops to prevent or decrease the amount weeds and mold growing in the fields. There is no way of washing to curing the cotton of the herbicide once its been exposed so we get exposed. Of course ovarian, uterine and vaginal cancers are at an all time high. Added to the list of other reproductive aliments queens are plagued with throughout their lifetime including hysterectomies and fibroids. Think about how many years your lil yoni has to absorb this poison… Ok so most women start their cycles between the ages of 9-13 and don’t go into menopause until their late 50s to 60s.  That’s a 30-40 year span and about 2,000 days of constant contact by way of tampons or napkins. Need I say more???

I can’t promise that switching to healthy, more sustainable, and financially frugal options will save your life (or your wife) but as a consumer I believe in this product and its abilities to make a difference in the lives of the queens of today and our daughters of tomorrow.

I urge all Queens and Kings to do your part to save as many yonis as you can…the world depends on it! Literally!!!





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