From the Mouths of Babes Pt.2

The honorary King of my 2nd installment in this series is almost the complete opposite of the first one. I’ve known him for about 3 or 4 years. He has a Master’s degree, former college athlete, fraternity member, business owner, bomb body, no kids (that we know of 😂), and a girlfriend… Enjoy!!!
How many sex partners have you had?
Over 140
What’s the most amount of women you’ve dated at one time?
If we talking dating as in f*cking I would said I had a strong 6 chick rotation that all knew about one another but just didn’t care as long as they had there night out of the week to be with me.
How do you manage that many women?
You just be honest with all of them. I mean it doesn’t start off that way you start with the lying and after trial and error you notice it doesn’t get you really far. So any true player that’s real to the game would tell you your game has to be modified every now and then if you aren’t getting the type of corporation out of the chick you are dealing with so I stopped with the lying and started being honest. That’s when I came to realize that these h*es like you more when you are honest. You ain’t got to hide shit and you have a clear conscience with each chick that you are with. Once you let them know up front what the deal is you give them an option to stay and deal with it or keep it moving. Most stayed for different reasons but that’s another topic for another day.
What’s your game?
My game is simple but is has evolved over the years. Honestly, my approach depends on where I meet a chick, the mood that I am in and how she looks.
Let me break it down for you, so first where I meet a chick.
If I meet her at a club or some shit I know there is a slight chance she could be a lil ratchet. So I ask her a few question after I break the ice like do you come here often? Do you know of any other spots like this one? Is this the normal type of crowd? I’m basically trying to see if she enjoys being around ratchet shit. What’s her tolerance level for it. Does she thrive in these types of environments. So if she answers yes to any of these questions I know it’s a good chance she might give up some pu**y if we have the right chemistry. I know I can go out an kick it with her in ratchet places and don’t worry about her being uncomfortable and if I plan to put her on the team or in the stable as my OGs call it and I know a few spots to avoid when I do decide to go out.
OK the mood is how I get most of my chicks,
If I am in a intellectual mood almost any topic she wants to talk about, I’m sure I can add value to the conversation. I pride myself on keeping my game tight and my mouth piece crisp. So I read current events ,watch history documentaries, memorize famous poems, study different types of art, understand government and local politics, study business and marketing, try new foods, and always learn new handy hands-on guy shit like changing tires, changing the oil or having tools. Females fall in love quick with a guy who is well dressed, attractive, can hold a conversation and has aspirations to better his life. To be honest a lot of females will fuck  with you off potential and good looks for at least 2 months.
How do you get them?
If I’m off that henny and feeling aggressive my that’s how I will approach you; very aggressively not disrespectful like grabbing and shit. My approach will be aggressive straight to the point ain’t about to beat around the bush if we both feeling each other tell your friends you leaving with me. You driving, I will leave my car here, I get a room and we do what we do. Notice I said get a room can’t have random b*tches at your house to dangerous out here and for her to drive giving her the option to be in control of her actions.
What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to a woman?
Worst thing I ever done to a women in my younger days was lead her on to think we had a future meanwhile I was making other plans to be with another chick. Foul shit because her world revolved around me; At the time it hurt me to tell her that I couldn’t do this no
more. But that’s apart of the game players don’t tell you about the times they
left the ones that would go to the moon and back for them but still leave for
selfish reasons.
Do you regret it?
Naw I don’t regret it. It was all apart of my life learning
Are you dating now?
Yes, in a serious relationship
Will you ever tell her about your past?
Yes to a certain extent she never really asks so no
need to offer up super detailed info. Only if we are in a situation where one of
my exes could potentially be in the same area will I go into
details so the ex won’t have the upper hand on her us.
So how are you now?
I’m better now. Chasing women is a distraction to making
money. I’m more about my paper and building a future with my lady now. All that
f*cking with a bunch of b*tches is entirely too time consuming and economically
castrating. So I choose to be with one lady and build a future with her, I’m
older now. I’ve had my fun and turned my player card in to the game. I let the young
boys have that and the headaches lol as funny as it may sound I actually enjoy
being able to sleep with my phone on loud at night time and not worrying about a
chick calling and having that awkward ass convo.
Are you monogamous?
Not 100 percent. If the opportunity presents itself and one
night stand type shit I would fuck but not interested in anything else. Ain’t
tryna have these lil mini as relationships across the city and can’t go
different places with us chick cuz this is where side chick hanged out, f*ck
that shit. I appreciate my freedom too much. As far as the one night stands
she would have to be a chick I meet out of town. She would have to be at least 3 counties always from where I live or another state or country; Can’t jeopardize my household. Even though some people won’t agree but it’s my life and I don’t give a f*ck.
How is that going?
It’s going good…im saving a lot of money real shit. It’s crazy
after a few months of being serious with one chick I was able to save an
additional 2 grand per month. That’s fucking insane. You feel like a lame at
first because you telling your friends you taking a rain check and not going out tonight.
Not going to clubs buying expensive drinks or bottles, not buying food after the
club, eating late which is bad for you lol. So in retrospect I was spending

about $75-$150 per night going out 3 nights a week abt ($300) per

week on the low end. If I get a hotel at least 4X a month at an average of $80-
$100 per night that’s ($360) then if you go on a date that’s on average say low
ball $60 bucks not all dates gotta be expensive lol. Then you buying new clothes
and shoes and shit within the months all that shit adds up. Yall do the math but
it’s easily over $1500 a month spent on bullshit. Even though I had my side hustle
to replace the dumb spending looking back on it all that money could of went to
my savings smh or into other investments. I guess I was investing in h*es which
is a bad investment. I think the issues was I put to much value into f*cking
new chicks. The shit you value the most the more money you willing to spend on
Why her?
Ain’t no magical I love her and I’m ready to build now. Had my fair
share of women and it’s time to have a family. I thank the man up above for
letting me get out the game clean and clear of babies and STDs so I’m thankful
for the experience.
The feminist in me cringed at the sight of my brothers words. He is not my biological brother but a brother indeed, he is my bestfriend and at times my therapist and my diary. So the best friend in me understands,respects and appreciates his life and opinions. As his bestfriend, when I hear these stories I listen, I laugh, and I shake my head in disbelief that my fellow Queens have traded their crowns in for a ciroc-cranberry, some compliments and a lil hair pulling. I also reflect on the times I’ve laid all my burdens down at the uptown Marriott,JK…kinda! No really, I get it, I get that he does what he wants and what’s he’s allowed to and if even for only one day everybody was happy with their decisions. 
As dynamic and awesome as this man is I choose to interview him on this aspect of his life because he is the ONLY man I know that would be honest and transparent about his extra-curricular activities. He is the mold that God made the man of yall dreams from but…he’s a h*e! LMAO! Furthermore he is successful at h*e-in because he is such a great catch which is why women choose to be on the team.  We’ve learned, It is a much better choice to be on a winning but not loyal team then to be on a losing committed team….right? #ALLin

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