From the Mouths of Babes… Pt.3

This King is an attorney for one of the most prestigious firms in Detroit and earned his spot at the tender age of 27 yrs old. He is single no children and dating. Due to his lack of free time I didn’t send him a lot of questions… Although it’s short there’s still substance. Enjoy!

Why are you single? 

Right now I choose to be single after a very stressful, unsuccessful relationship last year. I believe emotional energy is an exhaustible resource, and I I have been re-charging mine by being single and remaining free from the burdens and expectations (i.e. being responsible for someone’s happiness) of a relationship.

Are you ok with being single? 


Why are you ok with being single?

I’m ok with being single because I have more energy to put into myself and my friends. Too young to be miserable with the wrong MF.
Are you ready to settle down? 

Kind of. On one hand, I’m older and have always had a family; so, I’m definitely at a stage where I’m dating with a purpose in mind. But on the other hand, being too ready to settle down can compel a person to get into relationships that they shouldn’t really be in. I’ve done that before, and those experiences have taught me that the consequences of being linked to someone whom you should not be are steep and sharp. So I’m not really walking around “ready” so much as I am open to finding the right person to settle down with.
What do you value most about a woman?  

Her heart. Now, I think I’m most attracted to an attentive, open heart in a woman.

How can you benefit from a significant other? 

I could benefit by continuing to learn how to put someone else first. The only way to grow in love is to practice it.I could also benefit because I’m old as fuck and need to start screening these chicks for wife/ Mother skills … Ain’t nobody tryna be old as fuck with little kids.

What’s a deal breaker? 

selfishness; uncontrollable insecurity; doesn’t want kids or only wants one

Reflection: I think the most important thing to get from this interview is the fact that these answers are common sense. So ladies, guys have the same feelings as we do when it comes to certain things. Some times as women we choose to put 10 on 1,000 meaning we make things a lot more then they have to be or over analyze certain situation. Although they are common sense they shouldn’t be mistaken for assumumable answers.


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