I am a brown woman, born to brown parents, with brown siblings and I will birth brown babies. I have pinkish/creamy palms and feet bottoms, white teeth, black or brown hair, pink gums and lips (among other things) Have you ever wondered about the origins of the color black being use to describe people of color? There is this thing called color psychology, in a nut shell, its the way colors have an psychological effect on us which result in a thought, memory, reaction or emotion. For instance, if you see a green and white striped candy cane, you assume it is spearmint. If you see a brown banana  you might assume the banana is rotten and mushy but perhaps it isn’t a banana at all but a plantain, or maybe it was frozen or refrigerated.

In our society things  are specified or categorized in many ways… Color being one them. White represents things are pure, clean, Godly, perfect, calming, safe. Black often represents the opposite…dark magic, decay, filth, danger. Is it an accident? or do you think its a form of mind control that has been instill in us all from birth. It’s a reason why Angels and things of GOD are represented in white and gold, and evil things are often portrayed in black and red. Most importantly, there is a reason why certain humans are referred to as “Blacks” and others are “White.” it isn’t a mistake that Jesus is represented as a white man (Cesare Borgia)with long blonde hair even though the bible clearly states Jesus was a man of color.

If you look deeper into the color black you also get elegance like a luxury car or evening gown. Black represents strength and power like a black panther or Obsidian stone . But even still things that are rich and power still are approached with a tinge of caution because of their being misunderstood and ability to influence.

Being “black” isn’t easy, I work everyday of my life to contradict the reputation my color proceeds before me. I work harder than every one around me, I am comprehending more efficiently then most people I know. My smile is brighter than the blondest of hair and bluest of eyes. My heart is bigger than all the cemeteries and institutions used to de-thrown my people and prevent us from prospering. Yet and still I can’t escape this feeling and fear of being black, I am not black! I am a myriad of perfection, designed intentionally to be great among the ordinary. I should be feared! I am a force to be reckoned with… but not a thing to be murdered or harmed due to lack of understanding or fear. Today I write this post with a heavy heart and a purpose to motivate and uplift my people to be GREAT today and everyday! Don’t let the title they give you define you be better than your colors live your life in such a way that people aren’t afraid to pick up the brown bananas and instead feel excited and curious to see what lies beneath… 

Glow up Kings and Queen!




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