Special Occasions 

Growing up my grandma had a room that was dedicated to special occasions. She also had special occasion dinnerware, silverware, and decorations. In my head, which is where most of my thoughts stayed growing up, having special occasion stuff was stupid. Why spend money on things your only going to use once a year IF you were lucky enough to host a special occasion every year. 

It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I saw something that said make everyday a special occasion, everyday that your alive and breathing , every moment that you have to spend with your loved ones laughing and sharing space should be treated like a special occasion. What a shame to leave this earth with one special occasion a year, what a shame to make your friends and family feel like that are only special when the occasion saw fit. That was validation and a green light for me to create my own tradition of special occasions. 

After that message, I changed the way I thought about things. I viewed EVERYDAY as a special occasion for me. If I wanted to go get cocktails I would go, if I wanted to buy a new dress I would shop, if I wanted to have a fancy meal… I would tell my mom! Lol (back then I only had two great dishes lol) now at the end of my twenties my special occasions look a little different. Now I carve out time to sleep in and take naps, I light all the candles in my house and turn the lights off. At least twice a month I journal at the new and full Moon about whatever I want and manifest my dreams and purge my fears. Right now I’m currently in my tub soaking in epson salt, rose petals (I dried myself) and lemongrass bubble bath with my candles lit and no shower cap on! No shower cap is SERIOUS BUSINESS!!! Lol this is a special occasion for me. I am alone, comfortable and appreciative of this moment in this space. It’s not often I get to do nothing but be… even though I live alone and single as as shit! I don’t always have moments to just be, there’s always something to do, someone needing my energy, something needing my attention or some sort of distraction. 

I look forward to the day when my special occasions include or involve my significant other and possibly our children and family. But until then I’m basking in the ambience of just being with me being special by my damn self. 



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