It’s raining men…Pt.1

In the past few months “Its raining men” has been my motto and theme song, I apparently fleek in the fall. Or is it that’s we are in the pre-season of the cuffing season and I’m the 52nd draft pick? Either way the men are coming and in droves might I add. I’ve met men on IG, at clubs, bars, grocery stores, one guy stopped me at my car while leaving a date with another guy ( he should’ve walked me to my car lol) and lastly at random bars or nights out. I have arrrriveddd hunty and now I get the pleasure of sifting thru these fools. Yay!!! (Rolls eyes)

There’s the account rep… he’s the nice guy. He’s 32 no kids, soft spoken and totally out of his league. When I first met him he was at the bar with his sunglasses on… awwww poor guy. He grabbed me as my friend and I were walking by so I said “oh heyyyyy   Fabo” 😂😂😂  he asked why I called him that and I said its cause he’s the only grown ass man allowed to wear sunglasses inside at night. I then proceeded to tell him that he needs to take his glasses off before he asks for my number because if he is crossed eye I need to know now. He did lol  now let’s fast forward up to our first date, he was super polite and accomdating. The only thing I have to complain about is the fact that he asked me why guys in my past cheated on me then proceeded to tell me that I MUST have done something for them to cheat on me. lol WTF that’s not on me! That’s not my fault these guys were weak and had undeniable temptations, or I was easy to cheat on, or realistically because they were young and so was I. JERK! Who ask those kinds of questions? Well ok, after I got over my initial shock and irritation I realized that he thought I was really freaking awesome (he thought right) and he couldn’t fathom why any person would hurt, betray, or mistreat me.

Well at least that’s what I thought, I’ve recently decided that he asked me those questions because he’s really crazy. I didn’t think he was crazy right away but after a series of text messages and apparently phone calls he made that I never got I figured it out. He seemed to be nice and chill but then he started to rub me the wrong way, and I’ll probably be blocking him shortly (he’s already blocked from my social media) . I typically like to know what crazy people are up to and thinking so I can know what moves they are making…they typically announce their crazy. Sometimes its a “I can’t get you off my mind text” and other times its a video of them standing outside your car or house, either way I need to get the correspondence lol. So, yeah I wont be blocking him right now AND I’ve sent my cousin his picture, his number, and the place I met him…rather safe than sorry!

…Stay Tuned for the next installment next week Monday… Man Crush (or crazy) Monday!



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