It’s raining men…Pt.2

Alright…so the same week I went out with the guy from part 1 I went to happy hour with this guy. Did I mention that I met them at the same place on the same night within 5 minutes of each other? No? ok well never mind! Moving on…

This guy is in his early 30s, good job (works for the prison), has a child, handsome and very country. He irritated my soul during our first texting conversation, asking me for a “pic”. I HATE WHEN GUYS ASK ME FOR PICS!!! I’m never going to send you a pic of me unless your my man and you sir aren’t even close! So I forced myself to get over that because honestly at this point that question is just as common as any other stupid questions guys ask me. After a few days of texting, he decided to call, I ignored it, few days later he called again. I answered this time we spoke for a few minutes, exchanged a few rounds of awkward ass questions and ended the call. Several times during that conversation he used the phrases “I know your type” and “you the type” one too many times. You don’t know anything about me sir, you just met me a week ago, who are you to say what my type is? How dare you put me in a box, bottle, category, or bag. In typical J fashion,I forced myself to get over that as well and thought maybe he was uncomfortable and needs to be received in person.

Boy was I wrong, we decided to meet for drinks and he asked me to find a place that’s offering happy hour specials. lol Oooookay! lol then 30 minutes before we were supposed to meet he pushed the time back 30 minutes. He left his ID at an apartment complex office he visited the night before. So here I am at the house all dressed up and no where to go for an hour. Once we finally, got around to meeting he came in and went to the bathroom…he was in there for about 5-7 mins, bubble guts much??? Once he came out he walked around the restaurant then finally walked over to a table and began to sit down so I called out his name, I assumed that maybe my hair was different last time he saw me so my hair could’ve thrown him off. We exchanged greetings and started looking over the menu, I had already order my glass of wine when he was pooping so he ordered food and a beer. We talked a little about nothing and then he hit me with the “you are the blahblahblah type” I put my head down laughing then picked it back up with a serious grimace and informed him of  who I was. I AM A STRANGER TO YOU… A WOMEN THAT YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT, YOU MIGHT NOT EVEN KNOW MY  REAL NAME AAANNNNDDDD IF YOU KEEP TELLING ME THE TYPE OF WOMAN I AM YOU WILL NEVER FIND OUT IF YOU WERE RIGHT OR WRONG! He thought I was playing so I stopped talking and continued to sip my wine and stared at ESPN. The waitress came over to check on us and decided to drop off the check… he paid for it and I continued to drink my wine. He asked me “what you know good” 3 times during my silent protest. WHAT YOU KNOW GOOD??? What does that even mean exactly and who still says that??? I was beyond ready for him to leave my sight but I wasn’t ready to go home because I was cute and on Thanksgiving break. Suddenly, a professionally dressed handsome man walked in and sat alone, I told GrandpaWHATCHAknowGOOD he could leave me. He insisted on staying with me until I finished, I convinced him that I was fine and I would be there for a while. He decided to go ahead and leave I was eager for him to do so, so I could go speak to Mr.SuitANDtie. We hugged and he kissed me on my cheek…I threw up in my mouth, then he left.

I was about to Strut my ass over to the bar when another less masculine man strutted his ass over to my future husband right in front of me. LMAO they drank their fruity frozen drinks and I turned my glass of wine up to the ceiling (cause I’m a lady). Called my mom, my bff and Cheesecake Factory…THEEE END!




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