It’s raining men…pt.3

They say storms bring flowers right? I sure hope so cause I feel like my rain has been more like a hurricane after writing and re-reading these posts…I’m so happy to share some good news with you all, here goes nothing!

Alright, this guy is a blast from the past…like a 9 years ago blast. We met my freshman year at Grambling, from what I remembered we were just friends but according to my friends he’s been #teamJena’ lmao! I’m pretty sure I didn’t take him seriously because he was extremely flirtatious and I remember hearing his name around the yard from time to time. I didn’t end up completing my collegiate career at Grambling and he didn’t make the list of people to have and to hold. In the meantime, he left Grambling as well and enlisted in the service and had a baby.

Fast forward to a few months ago, I was on IG and I ran across his page and saw that he was Texas bound. We exchanged numbers and decided that we should do lunch (I must look like I like to eat). Lunch never happened but we continued to converse throughout the days. The following weekend was Grambling’s homecoming and due to a “friend” playing the shit outta me I wasn’t expecting to go. Somehow the universe, moon and the stars aligned for me to be able to attend, so I did. Originally, I told him that I wasn’t going to be there so when my plans changed I took it as an opportunity to surprise him…like my presence was really a present LMAO. Once we touched down we decompressed (got drinks) changed clothes and hit the streets. I ran into him at the party, we embraced each other, shared I miss you’s and laughs. The rest of the weekend was a slight blur due to mass intoxication and bad cellphone signals.

I neglected to mention he lives in VA and has been for the past several years within driving distance of where I moved from (That shit cray) but that’s neither here nor there now. Obviously the distance is a hindrance for a newly resurrected friendship but we are trying our best to be present in each others lives whilst being apart. FaceTime’s, phone calls, text messages and DMs keep us pretty well connected and interested. We are both working on building our empires so we typically update each other on our progress and small progressive accomplishments. Getting to know each other again as adults with real life shit going on. I’m enjoying it and enjoying the ride, we both understand the limitations and possibilities of our friendship right now and I’m pretty confident that as soon as either of us can make something shake we will. Now I’ve been confident abut many things in my life so this confidence had to be supported by some receipts huntyyyy. The receipts actually came sooner than expected but a lil angel of mine took it upon herself to ask him some questions during our FaceTime session (I love u Bre). She asked him a couple of questions but the most important one was “What are your intentions with my friend?” As I was attempting to crawl inside a lil hole and die, I heard a sincere and sure response, so sure and sincere that Bre just said OK!…Bre NEVER just says ok! lol In a nut shell, he said he was happy that I was back  in his life and he is playing for keeps…YASSSSSSSSSSS! Cue the violin, release the doves, Fat guy from “Coming to America” start singing, this is Music to my ears! That’s all I ever wanted was a chance to be loved hunty! An opportunity to trick someone into believing I’m prefect so they can marry me and feel obligated to stay once my “representative” takes a permanent leave of absence. Is that too much to ask??? Yea kinda huh, all the man said is he’s excited to build an everlasting friendship and that’s all it took. I want that too so I’m being an outstanding friend to him, cancelled the dove release, sent the fat guy back to Zumunda, anchored my baby toe to the ground so I wont float away while he’s sweeping me off my feet. He might sweep me off one of them but I’d be damned if he gets me off of both! LOL…to be continued!



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