Year after year I gear up to create a vision board… I save magazines, find or buy scissors, glue sticks, canvases, grab a bottle of wine, pick a date and BOOM it’s the next year already…so I finally came to the conclusion that I don’t like to do them! I like collages but not for the purpose of creating my vision for the year soooo my vision board looks more like a list and that’s ok. It’s your vision and it can look however you want… my goals for 2017 are as follows.

1)Get my creative consulting business off the ground
-LLC. (March)
-Website/blog (January)

-Social Media Presence (January) 

-Complete 5 pro-bono consultations (April)
2) Obtain my Offical Texas Teaching Certificate (May)

3)Increase my Vitamin D levels (June)

My last doctors apppointment over holiday vacation my neurologist informed me that the healthy blood level for Vitamin D is 75 and mine was 0… blah! So yea this #MelaninMommy will be tanning this summer  yayyyy and filling my diet with vitamin D rich foods, possibly adding some supplements if I can find an organic option. 

Most people that suffer from auto-immune diseases have dangerously low Vitamin D and the cause is u known… kinda like what comes first the chicken or the egg.

4) Get a grasp on my blood sugar levels and cure my incurable PCOS (June)

My Magic includes limiting my sugar intake and consuming cinnamon daily to help with insulin intake. I am not diabetic but my blood sugar concludes I am pre disposed to diabetes and i for one refuse to manage another chronic illness… I much rather prevent it!

5) Lose my F.U.P.A and double chin, and 15lbs (last damn year) 

-portion control, limit alcoholic beverage intake, increase fiber and leafy greens, heavily increase water intake, increase exercise, use my time wiser at work (walking the halls between classes, walking over lunch) 

Lmaoooo anytime I tell people I want to lose weight they assume I’m insecure cause they think I’m fine just the way I am… well thank you Loved Ones!!! However I need some flex room and the way my budget is set up I cant buy new clothes anytime soon so I need to get in the old ones… kapeesh! 

6) Graduate with my masters degree (December)

Last year August, I had to drop my last two graduate classes therefore not graduating this past December. I happily made that sacrifice to pursue my destiny and I’d do it again if I had to.

7) Spend more time on my blog, scheduling and planning more posts. (Ongoing)

8) Be a better mom to Nelson!

With all my dreams and responsibilities he over gets left with whatever else I have to give after a hard day’s work which is often times nothing… so while I’m increasing my exercise he will be along for the ride… or walk, lol, along for the walk! 

9) Build a budget and stick to it (January-ongoing)

-automatic bill pay

-Check bank account weekly if not daily 

10) Pay off all credit card debit (December)

-get a 2nd job

-refrain from using the cards

11) Be a better teacher 





12) Be a better daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, neighbor, human,advocate (ongoing)

I’m already pretty awesome in these roles as is but I want to be better. There were several instances in the past years where I realized after the fact that I could’ve done something better or different in terms of reactions or support. Specifically I thought I could’ve been more present and available at those moments.

The day,week,month,year isn’t over you still have time to get your life on track! But don’t waste another moment, get your life in formation! 



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