Whose white car is this? Part II

… What you mean whose car is this? Whose driving it? My name is on the insurance…Do you want to see it? Naw bruh! I’m straight, I don’t want nothing but to get this night over with. Luckily, I saw a TGIF Friday’s right around the corner so I said that’s where I wanted to go. We walked in and sat right down in a booth…Thank GOD! I grabbed the menu…drink menu placed my order and eagerly waited for my sangria to arrive. As I’m sitting there trying to look interested he looked at me and said ” You know, I normally don’t like dark skinned girls but you fine as hell. Like, you are so gorgeous.” I wanted to say, “you know I don’t usually date broke asses but you so cute and the price of gold is at an all time high.” CLOWN! I haven’t heard how cute I was to be a black girl since elementary school.

Somewhere between the white car and cute to be black I discovered he was a little sloppy. Lets be honest I noticed he was a lot of sloppy, so I decided to ask him if he had been drinking. He said yea a little patron…I asked what’s a little patron? This fool said 7 shots…no wonder he was trippen! Several bathroom trips, Cajun pasta, sangria and a coke later the night was over. I couldn’t wait to get back to my car , I said goodnight and started walking towards the sidewalk. He stopped me and said where you going I parked over here. Oh I know and I will not be getting in a strangers car with 7 shots of patron man… I rather walk then to get in that car.

He followed me all the way to my car and I drove him back to the white car he drove there in… his new car is black, Whose white car is this…his girlfriends that’s who, he drunk drove his girlfriends car to a date with a girl that’s soooo pretty to be dark skinned!

I have nothing motivational to say…I’m done…totally ashamed! LMAO

-Queen J


Whose white car is this?

Weekend before last my sister came to Houston and we hit the town. I took her to some of my favorite places and we had a ball. Well somewhere in between the laughs and drinking I met this guy. He was brown skinned, slim, and had a New Orleans accent… he’s from 9th Ward. I thought he was the one! lmaoooo I know God works in mysterious ways but never in a million years did I think I would find my husband in a daiquiri shop.

So as we were running out with our drinks he followed behind me to ask me from my number. He smiled again and I thought I saw the sun reflecting off of his pearly whites..naw it was the glare from his gold teeth lmaooooo. OMG!! I cant take this fool home with gold teeth my dad would start looking around for the cameras n shit! lol

Our first conversation he told me he had children, 4 children, 3 boys and a girl, and he’s a single father raising 2 of the boys. So now I’m like ok, 4 kids and gold teeth. Maybe the kids can distract my family from his mouth Then within the next 24 hours I learned he has a roommate…a female roommate that he is madly in love with. They have been together for 3 years and due to his kids and past infidelities their relationship is over. But they cant move out until the lease is up in July. Ok, that’s where I draw the line, I can’t be a side chick to a guy with 4 kids and a criminal record. Oh wait did I neglect to mention that? My bad, he has had several run ins with the law…stay with me guys we are only on day 3. LOL Serval run ins, One of which comes with a few long lasting consequences.  Ok so lets get the checklist

4 kids

criminal record

live in ex-girlfriend

gold teeth

GOD is the best comedian I know.

So here I am stuck all up in my feelings… He’s had a hard life, He’s a single father, She mistreats his kids, the price of gold is at an all time high… blah blah blah! It took me several days of skin crawling conversations and several migraines before God showed me the light.

I was telling one of my friends about him and she said I was behaving like a peasant lmao. Thanks friend! So later on that night I had plans for more peasantry. We were meeting to celebrate his new car. He was 45 minutes late, he blamed it on the kids, I forgave him. I sat at a restaurant listening to live music enjoying the ambience when I heard something tell me to get up and leave the restaurant. I listened. When I got out side, I saw a white car flying past me. It was him calling me to see where I was. Now I couldn’t help but notice the car he was in was the complete opposite color of the car he told me he bought…hell it wasn’t even the same make. As I walked up closer to the car I noticed it had a real license plate on it and some things in the back seat…and not the paper mats they give you. It was stuff… in the car…in the new car he told me he bought…that was black. Who does this white car belong too?

to be continued…


-Queen J


Happiness is a God given right! One of the most sought after things in the world. People rob, steal, kill, pay, play, work, try, lie… to be happy. Although it is a God given right, your not born with it.  You must find it and once you get it… hold on to it like it’s your last breath. 

I typically find my happiness in a room full of the most irritating people I know… my family. Laughing, yelling, telling stories, making memories with the people I love.

My happiness is also found on paper… no im not talking about money. I’m talking about menus lol I LOVEEEEE TO GO OUT TO EAT! I don’t kno if I it’s actually the food, being catered too or not having to wash dishes but I love it. lol unfortunately it doesn’t love more or my lovehandles back but I’m working on it.

Happiness finds me on vacations and vacations typically lead me to water. And water leads me to pina coloadas, sangria or mimosas! Lol 3 happy helpers of mine! Lol

I also often find happiness in silence or stillness. Being still in my mind or on my yoga mat. Being present in my life at that very moment and absent from everything else. Expressing gratitude and appreciation for everything that is so. 

Find your happy… your life depends on it!