Happiness is a God given right! One of the most sought after things in the world. People rob, steal, kill, pay, play, work, try, lie… to be happy. Although it is a God given right, your not born with it.  You must find it and once you get it… hold on to it like it’s your last breath. 

I typically find my happiness in a room full of the most irritating people I know… my family. Laughing, yelling, telling stories, making memories with the people I love.

My happiness is also found on paper… no im not talking about money. I’m talking about menus lol I LOVEEEEE TO GO OUT TO EAT! I don’t kno if I it’s actually the food, being catered too or not having to wash dishes but I love it. lol unfortunately it doesn’t love more or my lovehandles back but I’m working on it.

Happiness finds me on vacations and vacations typically lead me to water. And water leads me to pina coloadas, sangria or mimosas! Lol 3 happy helpers of mine! Lol

I also often find happiness in silence or stillness. Being still in my mind or on my yoga mat. Being present in my life at that very moment and absent from everything else. Expressing gratitude and appreciation for everything that is so. 

Find your happy… your life depends on it! 


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