Whose white car is this? Part II

… What you mean whose car is this? Whose driving it? My name is on the insurance…Do you want to see it? Naw bruh! I’m straight, I don’t want nothing but to get this night over with. Luckily, I saw a TGIF Friday’s right around the corner so I said that’s where I wanted to go. We walked in and sat right down in a booth…Thank GOD! I grabbed the menu…drink menu placed my order and eagerly waited for my sangria to arrive. As I’m sitting there trying to look interested he looked at me and said ” You know, I normally don’t like dark skinned girls but you fine as hell. Like, you are so gorgeous.” I wanted to say, “you know I don’t usually date broke asses but you so cute and the price of gold is at an all time high.” CLOWN! I haven’t heard how cute I was to be a black girl since elementary school.

Somewhere between the white car and cute to be black I discovered he was a little sloppy. Lets be honest I noticed he was a lot of sloppy, so I decided to ask him if he had been drinking. He said yea a little patron…I asked what’s a little patron? This fool said 7 shots…no wonder he was trippen! Several bathroom trips, Cajun pasta, sangria and a coke later the night was over. I couldn’t wait to get back to my car , I said goodnight and started walking towards the sidewalk. He stopped me and said where you going I parked over here. Oh I know and I will not be getting in a strangers car with 7 shots of patron man… I rather walk then to get in that car.

He followed me all the way to my car and I drove him back to the white car he drove there in… his new car is black, Whose white car is this…his girlfriends that’s who, he drunk drove his girlfriends car to a date with a girl that’s soooo pretty to be dark skinned!

I have nothing motivational to say…I’m done…totally ashamed! LMAO

-Queen J


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