Cuatro y Cuarenta y Cuatro

In just a few hours a week would have gone by since Shawn Corey Carter dropped his newest project. I knew how I felt immediately when I listened to all the songs the first go round. I’ve listened to it several times since then and I feel the same way. Love and Hate.

I love that Jay-Z has finally done what I thought he should have been doing all this time. Motivating and increasing The Black Man. Sharing his testimony and them showing them an alternative way or motivating them to avoid their fate by not going down that path. Explaining that the hood is a canvas of possibilities and your options are to stay and make it better or to leave and come back when you are better. Helping them to understand that you can’t claim your hood if you don’t own any of it. Making them realize that he was able to get himself to a certain level or success but he needed his Queen to reach that next level. Although it was mentioned a few times before it was never presented THIS way, it was never presented so seriously, in such a way to demand the attention of his loyal followers.

My high school boyfriend was a huge Hov fan. He would respond to my questions or comments with his quotes like it was an African Proverb or some shit. Like Chris why did you quit your job…  His reply would be “I’m not a ‘Business-Man’! I’m a Business… man! Let me handle my business, damn!” LMAO!!! Fool if you don’t get some damn apps, imma take your mom to the Friend of the Court for Child Support! (how you like them bars?) This was all day and everyday, I hated Jay Z for the hold he had on my boyfriend and every other man I knew. I hated that he told them to sell drugs and do what ever they had to do to make it. I hated that he influenced them to wear certain things and look a certain way in order to be more like the people that “deserve respect”. My biggest gripe with Shawn was the way he talked about women and their lack of importance in his life. When all the while he sitting up here head over heels in love, buying art,properties, music companies. Making major moves with his WIFE and FAMILY in TOW! Tuh and all these real life fools the ones we have to meet, date, pro-create with are still stuck in his lyrics. Not realizing that he had 99 Problems and his “B” wasn’t one because she was pretty f*ckin awesome! lol NOT that she wasn’t relevant simply that she was not one of his problems.

So now here I am stuck with these feelings of Love and Hate for this magnificent project and all I can do about is leave y’all with some gems.

  • You can’t afford million dollar artwork, don’t think that’s the way to financial freedom for you. He had the million dollars to put away and he was blessed with the years to see it mature…that’s HIS story.
  • Do buy property however it may or may not be in your momma’s hood, please consult professionals, read and research the trends of real estate in the area and be open to the many possibilities.
  • Cheating hurts and is taxing on all of those involved…most importantly your cheating will more than likely not make you any money. Actually, it will probably cost you…might cost you a little, might cost you a lot, but it’ll cost you.
  • Financial Freedom can be best attained by having good credit. Credit isn’t a Victoria’s Secret Angel Forever card. Credit is real credit starting with your credit worthiness…your score. Being able to turn your financial worthiness into cash.
    • Here is a someone I met not to long ago and I am eagerly waiting to become a client of hers… She offers Credit Repair Services, Great Reviews and Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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  • Your children and family are the heirs to your estate…leave them something. Life insurance policies, investments, property, ANYTHING but debt.
  • Last but certainly not least, Being black is a blessing…I hope you love it as much as I do. It is a great responsibility and honor to be among the best of the best of our species. Make your ancestors proud!