Queenin (Kwën-N) verb

Gracefully accomplishing goals, big or small while easily wearing many hats…creating, nurturing, loving and appreciating all things amazing.

” Jean is a full time mom, wife, and business owner, she makes queenin look easy”


Just a Queen navigating thru the globe trying to make sense of it all… Loving, Living and Learning abundantly, everyday…unapologetically!

I choose to start blogging for many reasons but most importantly to be an inspiration to as many Queens as possible… I want my consciousness to inspire others to arrive and be present, be present in you own happiness and healthy reality. Experience moments that feel like forehead kisses, smell like cotton candy and look like a 6 year old that just found their first dollar from the tooth fairy…totally dope right?! lol


  1. Everyone is safe
  2. I use curse words
  3. I’m not talking about you…don’t be vain!
  4. Be nice or be eliminated, deleted, muted, blocked
  5. Opinions are welcome but not always necessary





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